Course details

The mission shaped ministry course is a one-year learning journey in a supportive community, equipping you for a lifetime of good practice and learning in planting and sustaining fresh expressions of church.

Those who come on mission shaped ministry tend to do so:

  • as individuals and as teams;
  • as leaders and members, clergy and lay people, learning side by side;
  • as they prepare to start a fresh expression of church;
  • once they have already started a fresh expression of church;
  • because they want their existing church to be more mission-shaped.

Who is it for?

  • Those exploring how to being, sustain and grow a fresh expression of church;
  • Experienced pioneers who want to reflect on what they are doing;
  • Those wanting to learn qualities of Christian ministry
  • Christians who want their churches to be more effective in mission;
  • All denominations, traditions and ages;
  • Urban, suburban and rural contexts.

Features of the course

  • Designed for busy Christians;
  • Delivered ecumenically;
  • Local and national teachers;
  • Reflection on your context and story;
  • Varied learning styles and resources;
  • Coaching, mentoring, learning networks;
  • Full materials and extra online material.

Modules include

  • Mission context;
  • The mission of God;
  • Vision, values and call;
  • Starting something new;
  • Listening for mission;
  • What is church?
  • Gospel and culture;
  • Team roles and behaviour;
  • Discipleship;
  • Evangelism;
  • Spirituality, worship and the sacraments;
  • Growing to maturity.

Your local course

The course is provided ecumenically by local course centres across the country, as well as being piloted online. We believe it will be a significant resource for building the Kingdom of God in every area.

Individuals are most welcome, but we particularly hope that small groups from a church will participate as this will deepen the impact of the course.

Course teachers include a mix of local and national practitioners, pioneers and theologians.

Course timetable and venue

The course is usually run over the course of a year on three Saturdays, six weeknights and a weekend away, although the pattern varies for some courses and for msm online.


The cost of the course is decided locally - check your local course centre or msm online for details. Financial support may be available.

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