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For over a decade, mission shaped ministry has helped people to start and grow fresh expressions of church, as well as bringing new life and growth to churches up and down the country.

In the first running of a new online version of the course we had 73 individuals in 17 groups located across the UK and overseas. Through a partnership with The Pioneer Collective (funded by a grant from the Eastern Baptist Association) this innovative online mission shaped ministry course gives you many of the aspects of a local course, with the added benefit of being accessible even if you don't have a local course centre.

We are now accepting registrations for the next cohort of the online course beginning in September 2017.

Due to the way we’ve designed to course, we encourage individuals who are interested in registering to form a group with at least one other person from within their church, or from a neighbouring congregation. We’ve found that msm online is most effective when small groups gather in a home to access the course together – and thus benefit from discussing the material face to face. When the group is able to include leaders from the church, and the permission to begin something new, this deepens the impact of the course even further.

The modules are interactive and will be delivered live in a 'virtual meeting room', but recordings of the sessions and course notes will be accessible to participants at any time. There is also a supporting Facebook group so that participants are able to ask each other questions and share their ideas and experiences.

About msm online



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Whilst msm is being delivered at a number of locations across the UK (and beyond), we are not able to put on courses in every location. However, the development of msm online now means that it is possible to access the course wherever you are. The online course uses the same material found in the classic delivery of the course and is taught live by experienced msm teachers.

We are now accepting registrations for the next cohort of the online course beginning in September 2017.

The course will work best if groups of up to five gather in a room to watch and interact with the live sessions on a laptop or smart TV. There will be the opportunity for group discussions to reflect on what is being taught and think about how it applies to the local context.

Cost and payment

The cost of the course has two components to it:

  • a group fee of £295 for up to 5 people;
  • an individual fee of £35 per person.

It is suggested that the group fee might be covered (at least in part) by your church, whilst you cover the individual fee.

There is a 15% discount on the group fee available for any group who registers and pays a non-returnable deposit of £150 before the end of June, reducing the group fee to £250.

Example: a group of four people registering after June would pay £295 + (4 x £35) = £435, or £108.75 each.
Example: a group of two people registering before the end of June would pay £250 + (2 x £35) = £320, or £160 each.

Details of how to make your payment will be given following your registration.

Further details and booking

The course is running from 25 September 2017 with sessions taking place on Mondays between 7.30pm and 9.30pm.  The course contributors include Bob Hopkins, Ali Dorey, Andrew Vertigan, Dave Male, Terry Tennens, Linda Rayner, Adrian Chatfield, Graham Cray, Rachel Jordan, Penny Marsh, Pete Atkins, Tim Lea, Olive Drane and Chris Duffett.

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To register, please visit the msm online registration page.

We are now accepting registrations for the next cohort of the online course beginning in September 2017.